About Nisbat.com

When it comes to choosing a life partner, there is a perfect match or no match. Finding the perfect match for marriage has always been difficult for parents and individuals alike. No matter what religion you follow; which ethnicity you belong to, or wherever you live on the planet, the right soul mate is what you need to complete your life as a human being.

For centuries, traditional matchmakers have provided a connection between families for marriage. The process used to be costly, time taking and at times unsuccessful. Times have changed since then and people want faster, cost effective and reliable solutions to make this decision of a lifetime.

We at Nisbat.com put technology to good use in order to make people’s life easier. Nisbat.com is a part of Pakistan’s leading group of online services’ portals specializing in data collection and dissemination for over a decade now. Serving clients in Pakistan, India, US, UK, Canada, Australia, Middle East, Asia and Europe, we are trusted by millions of online users.

Our goal is simple; "Perfect Match, Always!"

Our secure and proven technological platforms and users’ trust is the key to our undeterred journey towards success.

Nisbat.com makes your life easier, simple and beautiful by enabling you to:

Who is behind Nisbat.com?

Nisbat.com is an online venture of TechnoBird - a Pakistan based IT services firm. Founded in 2002, TechnoBird a complete web solutions provider with its operations based in Pakistan comes to you with the message – put your business and services on the fast track of growth with the next generation tools of information technology.

Our Strengths

Our Strength is derived from the motivation - of delivering service of a high order.  And working towards it, is our team - dedicated, innovative and with a keen sense of competition.  The team at TechnoBird is a result of the coming together of qualified professionals capable of providing the best of creative intellectual innovative and cost effective packages for varied requirements.

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